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Contact us to reserve a star party:
(707) 321-7088 or (707) 569-6800

Santa Rosa Healdsburg Napa Calistoga

The images displayed on this website, including the BLOG and Photo Gallery, are taken through our telescopes with cameras, and are far more vivid and colorful than one sees in the telescope.

The best viewing dates are near the New Moons. The Moon's brightness has the least impact on viewing 7 days before and after the date of the New Moon. However, we go out to view all month long as views of the Moon through our telescopes are spectacular.

You may be disappointed with the impact of the bright Moon if you pick a night outside of the "Best Viewing Dates" below.

Please consider booking an event on or about the following dates:

New Moon Best Viewing Dates
2021 Dates
Sat Dec 4 Sat Nov 27 to Sat Dec 11
2022 Dates
Sun Jan 2 Sun Dec 25 to Sun Jan 9
Mon Jan 31 Mon Jan 24 to Mon Feb 7
Wed Mar 2 Mon Feb 23 to Mon Mar 9
Thu Mar 31 Thu Mar 24 to Thu Apr 7
Sat Apr 30 Sat Apr 23 to Sat May 7
Mon May 30 Mon May 23 to Mon Jun 6
Tue Jun 28 Tue Jun 21 to Tue Jul 5
Thu Jul 28 Thu Jul 21 to Thu Aug 4
Sat Aug 27 Sat Aug 20 to Sat Sep 3
Sun Sep 25 Sun Sep 18 to Sun Oct 6
Tue Oct 25 Tue Oct 18 to Tud Nov 1
Wed Nov 23 Wed Nov 16 to Wed Nov 30
Fri Dec 23 Fri Dec 16 to Fri Dec 30

The following dates are not available / already booked

Friday Dec 3 2021
Saturday Dec 4 2021
May 19-22 2022
Jun 13 2022


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$75 per person (2 person minimum)
We have a $250 minimum for Sonoma County events
We have a $350 minimum for the Napa Valley
(for small groups that total less than the minimums, skip down to "pay your balance due")

Number of persons  

Pay your balance due or submit a deposit here

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