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Stargazing Packages

Standard Rates

The standard rate for a Wine Country Star Party event is $75 per person.

$75 per person (2 person minimum), at our Freestone location.
$75 per person for Sonoma County events, away from our location ($300 minimum).
$75 per person for Napa County events ($375 minimum).

Father's Day Star Party Gift Certificate

Give your Dad a unique and fun Father's Day gift. Dad might not need a new tie this year. He will be thrilled to receive a Gift Certificate to a Star Party.

We can customize your gift to include hospitality, such as food and drinks. Contact Wine Country Star Party today to receive your Father's Day Gift Certificate in time for Father's Day.


Date Night Romance

Surprise that special person in your life with a unique and romantic evening under the stars. Flowers, food, and treats may be arranged to complete the surprise.

Prices start at $300 *

Here's a photo taken as part of a "Date Night" package.
We took dozens of long exposure photos of these Wine Country Star Party guests.
The moon is setting - the Milky Way is overhead - beautiful.
The foreground is "painted" red - a technique we learned from our friend Jerry.
We provided over 1 Gigabyte of photos to the couple via download the day after the Star Party.

Individual's Night Out

An Individual with personal/special Astronomy interests may reserve an exclusive evening with Wine Country Star Party suited to their own needs. We can set up a "game plan" to view specific objects if you have favorites.

Prices start at $150 *

New Telescope Setup

Let us help you get your new telescope out of the box. After we assemble the scope, we'll orient you to its features and help you view your first few objects.

Prices start at $150 *

Private Party

Private parties wishing to experience the stars in an intimate setting may reserve an evening either at your location or a location selected by us.

Prices start at $300 *
(this pricing reflects a group of 4 persons)

Gift Certificate

You will be remembered fondly when your gift for a unique evening under the stars is received as a Valentine's Day present, Stocking Stuffer, Customer Appreciation Gift, Birthday Present, or "just because".

Price is $75 per person


Celebration Package (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, etc)

Give an evening under the stars to someone you care about on their special day!

Price is $75 per person *

Together we will strategize and customize your event to honor the special day or person. For example, a birthday could be celebrated with a special cake.


Explore the exciting world of Astro-Photography using Wine Country Star Party's 10 inch astrograph. Learn how to "stack" images to achieve longer exposure times and better clarity. At the end of the evening, you will have a beautiful photo momento of your own.

Due to the commitment of equipment and services, we always do astro-photography with our guests at our location in Freestone.

Prices start at $400 *

Team Building

Need a break from the office grind? Want to establish memories that lead to teamwork and increased performance in the office? Consider a Star Party for your business team.

Prices start at $1500 *

Corporate Event / Customer Appreciation

Celebrate the completion of a project or the accomplishment of a business goal. Treat your employees, partners, and valued customers to a star party event they will never forget.

Prices start at $2500 *

* Prices above are the minimum for each package.

Locations that are new or unfamiliar to Wine Country Star Party may require a minimum fee of $500 as we often make extra visits to the location before the Star Party to investigate the best area to set up.

As Wine Country Star Party learns of your specific needs an actual final quote for the cost of your Star Party will be set.
Wine Country Star Party